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Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #1: Chiang Mai To Colombo

Check out our very first vlog in our Sri Lanka travel series, as we head from Chiang Mai to Colombo and tackle Sri Lanka like a couple of pros! 😉

Not too long ago, we began planning our next travel destination, somewhere new and off the beaten tourist path. We spun a globe and when it stopped, our finger ended up on Sri Lanka!  Known for its ancient Buddhist ruins and its diverse landscapes of rainforests, arid plains, highlands and sandy beaches, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer and is not to be missed!

In this episode, we pack up our bags and make our way to the airport to catch our flight from Chiang Mai to Colombo, Sri Lanka and begin our 28-day itinerary through this island nation in the Indian Ocean. First stop from Chiang Mai was Bangkok, where we connected flights.  Then, at the gate, we were stopped unexpectedly and denied boarding!  Was this a sign of things to come?  Not a great way to start, that’s for sure!

Let us know what your favourite Sri Lanka destinations are in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your feedback and learn about new places to check out!

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