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Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #3: 3rd Class Sri Lanka Railways – Colombo to Galle

After deciding NOT to get a driver permit in our previous Sri Lanka Travel Vlog episode, we decided to explore the Sri Lankan railways.  In this episode, we hit the rails in 3rd class and head to Galle!

When it comes to Sri Lanka’s 3rd class trains, there are no reservations, and the cars are packed to fit as many people as possible.  If you do end up getting a seat, there’s little to no padding, and on the long hauls, this can get rather uncomfortable.  However, even though the trains are slower, there are usually fewer issues in comparison to taking the bus.  With much better views, the 3rd class trains in Sri Lanka are about the same price as taking the bus and are almost always more relaxing.

Little did we know, though, that we were breaking the law and would have to pay the price!

Do you have your own experience taking the trains in Sri Lanka?  Let us know!  Share your stories in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.

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