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Sri Lankan Dishes

Our Top 5 Sri Lankan Dishes

The moment we had our very first Sri Lankan dish, we fell in love!  Rich with fresh seafood, spices and herbs, and an abundance of tropical fruits, Sri Lankan dishes make for a mouthwatering meal. From north to south, you can find an array of traditional Sri Lankan dishes, infused with a...

carry-on essentials for long flights

15 Carry-on Essentials For Long Flights

We get asked a lot about carry-on essentials for long flights.  Some people can travel the world with only a carry-on, but some of us, well… we can’t! Packing a good carry on is probably the MOST important step when preparing for your next trip, especially for those long...

Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #5 Unawatuna & Jungle Beach

Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #5: Unawatuna Beaches

From Galle, Sri Lanka, we hit the road in a tuk-tuk and head off in search for Unawatuna beaches and a little R&R! A suburb of Galle, Unawatuna is a beautiful little coastal town known for its beaches, shipwrecks, and corals which contain a variety of fish and turtles.  In fact...

11 Awesome Things To Do In Colombo Sri Lanka

11 Awesome Things To Do In Colombo Sri Lanka

When thinking about things to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka, your options are truly endless.   As the capital and largest city in Sri Lanka, Colombo is a mixture of modern office towers, colonial buildings, and ruins.  Its population of 5.6 million people is an ethnical melting pot made up of...

Travel Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips

When it comes to travel, safety tips are handy no matter where you’re going!  Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or a family, here are some travel safety tips that everyone should know. Pay attention because this trip you’ve spent months, maybe even years...

Air Travel Tips and Tricks

7 Air Travel Tips & Tricks

After traveling around the world for the past ten years, we have developed a few air travel tips and tricks that we would like to share with you! Of course, these are travel tips that we have learned from experience and found that they have worked for us.  We would love to hear your best...

Sigiriya Sri Lanka

28 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary

Sri Lanka is now ranked the Top Travel Destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet! When I started planning our Sri Lanka itinerary I was overwhelmed by all of the possible routes and travel options. Even though I had planned a specific itinerary, we changed it countless times. But, by the end...

Sri Lanka Travel Chiang Mai to Colombo

Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #1: Chiang Mai To Colombo

Check out our very first vlog in our Sri Lanka travel series, as we head from Chiang Mai to Colombo and tackle Sri Lanka like a couple of pros! 😉 Not too long ago, we began planning our next travel destination, somewhere new and off the beaten tourist path. We spun a globe and when it...