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Air Travel Tips and Tricks

7 Air Travel Tips & Tricks

After traveling around the world for the past ten years, we have developed a few air travel tips and tricks that we would like to share with you! Of course, these are travel tips that we have learned from experience and found that they have worked for us.  We would love to hear your best travel tips too, so feel free to post them below!

7 Air Travel Tips & Tricks

1. Book your flight at least one month in advance

Air travel tips-Book in advance

The idea of cheap last-minute trips do exist; however, you have to be very flexible with where and when you travel.  So, if you want to save some bucks, we recommend booking your flights at least a month in advance.  We prefer skyscanner.com for the best deals.

2. Dress for the occasion

Air travel tips-Wear comfortable clothes

We always wear our most comfortable clothes when we fly.  No matter what the weather is outside, it’s always cold in airports and on planes.

For Mike, it’s his sweatpants, a t-shirt, a light sweater and his Sanuks (he never flies without them).

For me, I love my leggings, a comfy t-shirt, my runners and my shawl (I never leave home without it!)

3. Choose the SECOND Emergency Row Exit

Air travel tips-Choose the 2nd Emergency Exit Row

There’s more leg room in the emergency rows.  But, why the second row you ask? With the first emergency exit row, the seats don’t recline! (The same goes for the row in front of the first emergency exit row) The idea here is to keep them clear in the event of an emergency.  Sometimes you will have to pay a little more for these seats, but if you don’t want to do that you can cross your fingers and ask upon checking in, or after take off if no one is sitting there.  Sometimes, they’ll just let you sit there.

If you’re on a long flight, chances are you’re in a larger plane.  If so, the ‘second-row’ tip doesn’t apply as these planes have doors as emergency exits with only one emergency row per exit.  They do however have all the leg room in the world and are almost never, EVER given away for free.  But it doesn’t hurt to ask 😉

4. Request a Special Meal

Air travel tips-Request a special meal

Even if you don’t need one, when you request a special meal, you get served before everyone else! Perhaps an unnecessary perk for some, but by the time I start smelling the food, I don’t want to wait another half hour to be served. With most airlines, you can get gluten-free or vegetarian meals as a ‘special meal’.

5. Request an Aisle Seat

Air travel tips-Request an aisle seat

If you’re anything like us, staying hydrated is important and nothing is worse than having to wake up the stranger next to you every 2-3 hours to use the facilities! I feel SO guilty every time, and for this reason, I ALWAYS sit in the aisle seat, plus I feel like I have more leg room.

6. Sign up for Frequent Rewards

Air travel tips-Sign up for Frequent Rewards

If you plan on becoming a frequent traveler, this is a HUGE!!! Make sure you are getting all of your points accounted for, and in no time you can move up to a higher category that may offer you priority boarding and complimentary lounge access in addition to class upgrades.  Every airline has their own rewards program, and almost every airline belongs to an airline alliance which you can collect points with.  The three big airline alliances are Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team.

And don’t forget about credit card reward programs.  Being Canadian, we use our CIBC Aventura Visa every chance we get.  As Aventure card holders, last month we got offered a Priority Pass Membership which gives us access to over 1400 first class lounges around the world without the first class ticket price!

7. Pack a SOLID Carry-on

Air travel tips-Pack a GOOD Carry-on

This is probably one of the most important air travel tips of them all! Now if you are one of those people who can travel the world with only a small carry–on then kudos to you! We definitely are not one of those people, so check our post on 15 Carry-on Essentials for Long Flights for a more in-depth breakdown of what we recommend.

* Please note that most airlines require your carry–on to be no larger than 9x14x22 (inches) or 22x35x56 (inches) including handles & wheels!

What are some of your air travel tips & tricks?

So there you have it, our list of 7 air travel tips and tricks that we think will help make a difference on your next flight.  Of course, everyone has their own personal list of air travel tips, so feel free to share them below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Just A Head up: this post contains affiliate links!  If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small kickback, which helps keep us going.  Thanks!

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